We at Syd The CPA offer unprecedented transportation accounting services in Dallas to trucking companies, transportation workers, commercial truckers, freight forwarders, fleet owners, aircraft transportation owners and personnel, shipping companies, maritime transportation companies, and the rest of the people involved in the transportation industry. Our transportation CPA team is ready to roll up their sleeves to resolve your financial and bookkeeping needs in order to enhance the efficiency of your operations, cut down on operational costs, manage taxes properly, and provide other benefits that will ultimately result in your transportation company’s sustainable growth.


Premium Transportation Accounting Solutions That You Can Trust


Transportation companies are considered the lifeblood of the American economy. At the same time, they face a maze of challenges that are unique to the transportation industry, which range from DOT compliance to multi-state taxation requirements. If you manage a shipping or trucking company, you will also have to juggle fuel costs, labor shortages, drivers’ wages, equipment cost, and other overhead expenses. These are only some of the obstacles that only a transportation accountant equipped with specialized skills and knowledge can face head on.

At Syd The CPA, we create individualized transportation accounting solutions, bookkeeping services, and tax strategies in order to help you conquer your business’s financial and operational concerns. As a seasoned transportation accounting firm in Dallas, we intend to help you generate a bigger revenue stream and save money from taxes and unnecessary expenses along the way. Sydne Proctor is a Certified Public Accountant who specializes in trucking accounting and other aspects involved in transportation accounting services. Under her leadership, our team of Dallas transportation accounting specialists will be able to simplify and streamline complex accounting procedures. It is through proper transportation tax planning and preparation that we are also able to monitor your money on multi-state and federal tax flow and put to work tax incentives and deductions, if there are any. Beyond our immediate transportation accounting, tax, and bookkeeping solutions lies our passion to help you reach financial solvency.


  • Transportation Accounting and Bookkeeping 
  • Transportation Tax Planning & Preparation 
  • Transportation Financial Statements 
  • Transportation Cash Flow Management 
  • Multi-state Taxation  
  • Transportation Payroll Services 
  • Transportation Asset Protection Strategies 
  • Profitability Analysis 
  • Transportation Business Planning 
  • Transportation Business Valuation and Litigation Support 
  • Transportation Estate and Succession Planning 
  • IRS Audit Assistance 
  • Returns for Commercial Truckers 
  • Transportation CFO Services 
  • Transportation Equipment Purchasing 
  • Transportation Mergers and Acquisitions 
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Why Syd The CPA

Under Sydne Proctor’s accounting firm Syd The CPA, you can expect nothing but honest, diligent, and skillful transportation accounting services every time. Whether you need transportation auditing services on a regular basis, or you have payroll issues that need to be resolved, you can count on our team of transportation CPA professionals to provide cost-effective, innovative, and practical accounting and tax solutions for your business. We would be more than happy to use leverage our 7+ years’ worth of expertise in the accounting industry so our clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex can gain a better grasp of their finances. Contact us today so we can discuss your transportation bookkeeping, tax, business, and accounting needs during our free initial consultation.

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