The 7 Hidden Loopholes

As much as I’d love for everyone in the world to succeed in their business, it often doesn’t happen. Unfortunately, most small businesses close within the first two to five years of opening.

Legal Ways To Save

You don’t have to leave it to the criminals to save money on taxes! There are legal, ethical ways to claim less of your annual income.


Don’t Make These Mistakes

Taxes are your biggest expense, make sure you prepare!


Avoid Getting Audited

When done appropriately, you can prevent yourself from being audited. Find out how!

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Just wanting your business to succeed doesn’t mean it will. Likewise, working hard doesn’t equal automatic success. But when you know the tax breaks and legal tax loopholes, it will put money back into your business and your pockets helping to ensure your financial future. As a business owner, your single biggest expense is your taxes. 

As a Certified Public Accountant, I am skilled in tax law and enjoy helping small business owners and entrepreneurs save money and plan for the future. Just think about it; wouldn’t you feel better knowing your finances were being managed and growing? I will look out for you and ensure your assets are protected and your financial future is secure.

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I like that SydTheCPA helps with the education part of taxes instead of just the filing. Working with Sydne feels like a partnership and not a one-time transaction.

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SydTheCPA allows us to focus on scaling our business instead of being tangled up in the back office.

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Before hiring SydTheCPA, I would spend hours on the weekend trying to organize expenses from the prior week. I wasn’t even sure I was doing it correctly.

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This might come as a surprise, but taxes are probably your single most significant expense as a business owner. You have to pay taxes on income, property, goods, and services—all of which eat up your reserves. 

Fortunately, the new tax law has given businesses plenty of opportunities. There are seven primary ways that you, as an entrepreneur, can slash your taxes and keep more of your hard-earned money in the bank each year. 

I invite you to download my book, The 7 Hidden Loopholes, and discover just some of the ways we can grow both your savings and your business.

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